An Edwardian Wedding

Above is a copy of the parish register for Albert Pamplin and Alice Blacklock's wedding on the 8th April 1902.  Alice was the middle daughter of Harriet and Richard Blacklock, Richard by his first marriage to Hannah had four sons, William, Tom, Harry and Frank, and by Harriet three daughters Ada, Alice and Mary. Richard died in 1886 when she was just 8 years old.  In 1889 Harriet became owner of The Plough and remained so until 1911. The following pictures record the events of the day.

Albert Pamplin was a policeman in Bethnal Green, did his family and friends travel by train to Birdbrook?  Could this be them walking up to the village from the station?

Is the lady in white the bride or maybe a bridesmaid?  Who are the gang of lads hanging around the gate? 

The guests arriving at the church.

Here comes the Bride.  As Harry Blacklock signed the register as a witness could it be him giving the bride away? 

Guests and well wishers waiting for the new Mr & Mrs Albert Pamplin to step out of the Church.

Is that confetti they are being showered in?

The happy couple, Mr. & Mrs. Pamplin.

From left to right Ada Blacklock, ?????, Albert Pamplin, Alice Pamplin, ?????, ?????.

The same group as above.  The picture is taken in The Plough rear garden.

The family group!

Now for the party and all to the pub!  Outside The Plough.

In the front garden of The Plough

Could the man 2nd from the right be John Plum?

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